We had a complicated lot to level and grade, and several companies were called during the selection process. But after speaking with Hillsdale Demolition, they were the only company that was "genuinely" convincing that they were able to tackle the task. Before winter, they came out to eliminate the elements of danger, and prefilled all the voids. They allowed the ground to settle, and came back as soon as the weather broke! They graded, seeded, and laid hay...and the lot looks AWESOME, such that, folk asked who was responsible for the job within 2 days of completion! AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE...TWO THUMBS UP!!!

Paul J.


I had a old stone house that I had hoped I could rehab. It had been stucco'd, and the mortar was now dust. My dream of rehab evaporated!! Additionally, the house was 5 feet away from another building. I was worried it would collapse on neighboring buildings. Due to city historic concerns, the demo permit was delayed (for almost 6 years!!) until one of the walls collapsed into the alley. Finally, we were able to get the demolition permit! Hillsdale to the rescue! I strongly doubted it could be taken down without damaging any other structures, but the Hillsdale team are extreme EXPERTS! Lakkia (the owner) was ON every little thing that needed to be in place prior to demo. The paperwork is daunting, but she kept things moving. When Demo Day came, things went seamlessly. Ley (GM) was on site to make sure everything went well. Stone came down where it was supposed to. The demo team was friendly, personable, and kept things clean and orderly. They worked together well, and were happy to help me salvage as much stone as possible. The only dissatisfied "customers" were the squirrels, who required "relocation"!
Seriously, I simply could not be happier with the way the Hillsdale team carried out this unique demolition. Thank you to every employee. You have a satisfied customer in me!

Peggy Ladd


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