Hillsdale Demolition Contracting, Upcoming webinar series KICKOFF

March 29th 2020


We are excited to help new & existing contractors, such as yourself, start and expand viable contracting businesses.
The first webinar will be a 2 hour in-depth look at the demolition contracting business. Our President & CEO, Kia Hynes will be sharing with you the essentials of how she has grown Hillsdale Demolition into a million-dollar company.
HDC's comprehensive webinar will cover

  • Who is your company? Starting your LLC, Branding your company
  • What you need to get your business started? Mindset, credit, funding, experienced team
  • Where do you go to get jobs? City & County (municipality) vs Private Contracts
  • When are you ready to get started? Weather Conditions & Seasonality
  • Why is demolition important? Intro to Development Opportunity
"There are no shortcuts to scaling a company successfully; It takes just as much effort to grow a business, if not or more, as it does to start the company. Kia and I look forward to speaking with you about getting started, organizing your business with tools that support your employees in their day-to-day roles (making it easier for them to get more done as your company grows); while we also assist you with simplifying & automating key processes, balancing new & existing customers' needs, and invest in the technology & infrastructure necessary for your company to scale smoothly." - Ley Woods GM For HDC

We are only inviting a select few to join us for this exclusive webinar. You must be serious about getting into business or expanding your existing business. The cost to attend the webinar is $100; to get signed up please fill out the form below or call 314.899.0333.
We hope to have you join!